Welcome to Dovetails

                  “Dovetails” is not devoted to one specific theme. I write about a number of subjects; from the adventures had on a wooden Friendship Sloop (both in the water and out), and the joys of making wooden toys for my nephews and niece. You may find posts that deal with architecture, illustration, or woodworking. You will also find some posts regarding a venture helping a friend build a massive, two-story tree house.

                  The posts on this site are sprinkled with photographs and drawings of past projects that were fun, and current projects that have me challenged or exasperated. In the best-case scenario, readers may get ideas for their own creative projects from looking at this site and, I hope,will leave me ideas too.

                 The only theme is creativity, and although the subjects may vary from post to post, I hope they all fit together like…well you get it.

You may navigate this site by clicking on the “Pages” and “Categories” columns to the right, by clicking on one of the images below, or by going to “RECENT POSTS” .






13 Responses to “Welcome to Dovetails”

  1. Britney Says:

    You have a nice blog. Keep up the good work.



  2. sail again resources Says:

    Just what I have been looking for. This is great stuff and from so many sources that it will never get stale

  3. Tom Says:

    Very enjoyable reading especially on a rainy, grey day like today!

  4. Raymond Covey Says:

    Ted, I found a friendship sloop listed on FSS.ORG – “Friendship 30” built by Bruno Stillman Yacht Co. Plans by Spalding. Would you know how I might get a set of plans for “Friendship 30”? I was unable to locate a phone number or any information regarding plans on the fss.org website.
    I would really appreciate any anformation that you might have regarding this subject.



  5. dovetails Says:

    Hi Raymond,
    The 30’ Bruno Stillman sloop is a beautiful boat and a sweet sailor. They have not, to my knowledge anyway, been built for some time. Below is a link to a little more information on these boats and some of the fleet that I located through the Friendship Sloop Society. http://www.fss.org/bsSite/index/
    I know of two of these for sale, one in FL and one in CA, but am not sure about any plans. Since these are fiberglass, it might be more important to find out if the moulds still exist.
    If you are unable to track anything down on these boats, there is a Jarvis Newman design that is similar and about the same size. I know of one that is for sale on Long Island Sound, and the link to Jarvis Newman is: http://www.yachtworld.com/jarvisnewman/jarvisnewman_0.html
    You could contact him though this site and see if he has plans available. If you are building in wood the only current boat plans that I know of are either for a smaller vessel, like the Pemiquid 25, plan for which can be purchased through the WoodenBoat Store, or a larger vessel, such as the 38’ design by Brewer Yacht design: http://www.tedbrewer.com/sail_wood/friendship.htm
    I would be very interested to find out what you discover.
    Best of luck,

  6. Tony Grove Says:

    I enjoyed looking through your web site, thank you, TG

  7. chuck merkelz Says:

    building a oughtred grey seal; love your site; need more ideas like the mcintoch vent system

  8. paul Says:

    hey, i really enjoy your blog every time i have a look when surfing the web.
    thanks for the entertainment, information, dreaming etc i got from it.

  9. Wooden Toys Says:

    You have a fabulous blog and I shall certainly be a regular visitor. I adore wooden toys and appreciate skilled craftsmanship. Wood is such a beautiful medium, durable, safe and better for a child’s imagination than all the noisy plastic toys around.

    I am thinking of embarking on a treehouse project for my sons so this is a great find.

    Thanks again.

  10. Brad Vietje Says:

    Hey Ted,

    GREAT Blog! Stumbled across it today while searching “wheelhouse”… who’d-a thunk it ?

    I’d love to see your fine sloop. My best buddy from college days (EMW-III), is a master boat-builder down in CT, and an avid ice boater during the hard water months of winter. Years ago, he captained Lady, the last boat built by Harvey Gamage, and named after his beloved dog. There were many fine hours spent at the Black Pearl and in & about Rockland in those days… The loss of Saxon, your devoted boat wolf brings tears to the eyes of anyone who has ever shared their life with a great dog.

    I haven’t sailed the coast of Maine in a few years, and hope to get back out on the water soon. Thanks for the information and inspiration.

    Brad Vietje
    Newbury, VT

  11. dovetails Says:

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for your nice comments. Perhaps we will see you on the water….

  12. Paul felber Says:

    Ted, I really enjoy your site, very interesting. Do you have detailed plans for the small tree house? I have an octagonal platform built with plans from Nelson’s, but I have been at a loss on how to finish the top. That is until I read your article. The kids really love the idea of a sleeping loft, I’m just not sure on the details.

    Paul Felber
    Aurora, Il

    • dovetails Says:

      Hi Paul,
      The only plans I have for that tree house are the ones on the site here. They are pretty sketchy on the details,but they are all I have.
      Glad you like the site,

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