Friendship Sloop Newsletter Articles

“The purpose of this Society shall be to encourage the building and sailing of Friendship Sloops, to provide a medium for owners and friends to meet and enjoy each other around a common interest, and to promote the history and traditions of the Friendship Sloop”

Article II, Section A, of the Constitution of the Friendship Sloop Society

The purpose of this page is to provide access for new members of the Friendship Sloop Society and interested non-members of the Society to past articles that I have written for FRIENDSHIPS, the Newsletter of the Friendship Sloop Society.
               All the articles below first appeared in FRIENDSHIPS and are reprinted here, with the permission of the editor, in the spirit of “promoting the history and traditions of the Friendship Sloop”.

If any of the topics below are of interest, I would suggest clicking on the image and opening the document in a separate window. You can print the document at the original scale from that window.

FRIENDSHIPS   Volume #15 Issue #3   Winter 2004

The Humble Deadeye Fid

FRIENDSHIPS Volume #16 Issue #1 Summer 2004

The Netting Needle

FRIENDSHIPS Volume #16 Issue #2 Winter 2005

(two pages)

Topping Lifts

Topping Lifts p#2

FRIENDSHIPS Volume #17 Issue #1 Summer 2005

Boat Goop

FRIENDSHIPS Volume #18 Issue #1 Winter 2006

(two pages)

Fog Horn p#1

Fog Horn p#2

FRIENDSHIPS Volume #19 Issue #1

Coming Aboard

2 Responses to “Friendship Sloop Newsletter Articles”

  1. March Minutiae « Dovetails Says:

    […] in more information on the rigging tools and the blacking I use for the standing rig; click on the “Friendship Sloop Newsletter Articles” page in the right hand […]

  2. Capt. Lance Burgo Says:

    great info on the way it was and should always be
    Capt Lance of the Romance

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