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Westerbeke Marine Diesel for Sale $1,500

May 14, 2019

The new engine in out Friendship sloop has worked out well, and will all the trials last season, putting the boat to bed for the winter, and now into spring prep for the upcoming season, we have made little attempt to sell the old motor.

I thought that before we put it on ebay, I would post about it here to see if anyone is interested.

The motor is a Westerbeke 30 B Three; rated for 27 HP It has 2117 hours on it and has served us very well.

It starts every time and has been reliable. It does need some work, however, the bolts holding the fuel pump to the engine block are loose and will no longer stay tight, the injectors should be reconditioned, but otherwise the engine is in pretty good shape.

Why did we replace it? The biggest issue is that this motor has always been under-powered  for our boat. We did not want to pull it from the boat, truck it to a mechanic, pay to have it reconditioned, and then truck it back to the boat, reinstall it, and still be under-powered.

The engine comes with the manual and engine log, transmission, shaft coupling for a one inch shaft, engine mounts, control panel, two keys, and muffler, and some spare parts.

Right now the engine is bolted to a cradle and can be lifted by four strong people.

If you are in New England anyway and are looking for a small reliable engine that needs some TLC, contact me through the comments below.


The video is of the engine start up the last time it was in the boat, April of 2018. It had not been run since the previous October.