New Boat Part 20

The hull is done….

Basically we have a little more varnish to do on the transom and we need to seat the centerboard and pivot pin and install the rope fender. For now though we need to shift gears to the Friendship sloop. We have been going over the rigging and the blocks and will soon start the yearly varnishing and painting. When that is done we will return to the Penny Fee. At that point we will be working mostly on accessories.

The finished hull. Look carefully and you will see standing rigging for the Friendship sloop hanging around the shop as we mend the service, redo the blacking and, and overhaul leathering.

Blocks for the Friendship getting an overhaul.

It will then be time to go to work on the oars, rudder, finish the centerboard, make up floorboards, attach hardware, look at making up some spars and a sail.

Gee other than that we are done.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the finished hull all painted and nearly ready for those last touches and accessories.

If you would like to read all the posts related to this project together, go to the category at the right called “Penny Fee” and click on it. It will pull all the posts on the penny fee onto one page for you.

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