November is here…already!

A month has slipped by during which the boat was taken out of the water, winterized (just barely before an autumn snowstorm), we fit in a trip to Mystic Seaport while visiting family, built two more ukuleles, cleaned out the tractor shed and built a new loft above the rafters, built a foundation wall for new back steps for the cottage, and hung the storm windows and got in most of our winter fuel. All of this has left little time to attend to this site, so it is time to get back to “dovetails”.


The trip to Mystic was fun because neither the woman who will willingly get up in the middle of a stormy night and stand an anchor watch, nor I, had been to Mystic in several decades. It was also fun because in late October the place is devoid of crowds, which pretty much allowed us to look at what we were interested in. We were impressed by the ongoing work on the Charles W. Morgan and equally impressed by the shop floor and piles of beautiful timbers that will take their places as new pieces of the old vessel. We were also impressed by the rest of the fleet and the small boat collection.

The ukuleles that we produced were part of a wedding gift and although one was a tenor and one concert ukulele, they were both made of Hawaiian Koa wood with Aquila strings (the tenor was given a low ‘G’ metal wound string) . They both sound just beautiful, although at the time they were given away the strings were still stretching.

With luck, as we get the sails settled in the sail loft for winter and do our final chores putting the Friendship sloop to bed for the winter, we will be able to get back to the Penny Fee and I will be putting up some more boatbuilding posts…


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