Autumn Weather

The last month for us has been dominated by the weather. First came the approach of hurricane Irene (Tropical Storm Irene by the time she reached us). A weekend spent getting the boat secured against any eventuality, and a part of another weekend getting her back into commission. Since the season for many people ends with Labor Day, we noticed the disappearance of many boats.  We are very fortunate to have a little more extended season. This time of the year can be very full and has not left much time for writing or to work on our Penny Fee project, but as we ate the first pie from our own apples last week, and followed that with a wonderful weekend with Family on the boat, we savored the pleasures of September and the more salubrious side of the weather.

We hate to see the boating season winding down, and we need to leave ourselves time to wash and dry sails, and clean and winterize the boat. Our focus will shift more and more to getting the cottage ready for winter, but we are not there yet. There is time to enjoy a few more sails and a few more quiet evenings before the shorter days and the colder nights prompt us that other, different chores await us—and that the end of one season heralds the beginning of another.


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