New Boat 13

Over she goes, and gunwales:

Yes the boat is now upright. It took some doing but I managed to roll the boat over by myself.  She is light as advertized, actually I think most of the weight might be the molds, which we left in to help retain the shape. I discovered that the boat is so rigid that once I got the boat upright, the molds were not doing much save getting in the way.

Upright and some of the tape removed

We removed all the tape from the interior, and did some basic clean up to the interior where epoxy oozed out of the laps, there is more of that to be done but for now I want to stabilize the shape of the boat by getting gunwales and knees in. Before doing this we put the key molds back into the boat so that there is less chance of the boat becoming asymmetrical if we glue one gunwale on at a time.

The Gunwales

We are doing something a little different with the gunwales, or more specifically the outwale. I had looked at the very high quality fender material that is for sale at most marine chandleries for the exterior trim of the gunwale, but the material costs were going to be en excess of $300, so we went another route.

Crossection of outwale

Instead we shaped the outwale with a 1 inch wide hollow groove running the length of the wale, the groove is 3/8 inch deep and in it will be seated a piece of soft nylon three strand rope.

gluing on the outwale

Outwales in place

The rope will act as our rub-rail.  I have seen this done on traditional boats over the years and always thought that it certainly looks nice, but the main reason that we went this route is that the rope costs a little less than $60 in order to create a functional fender as opposed to the $300 store bought.

How the rope will look when it is in place

If you would like to read all the posts related to this project together, go to the category at the right called “Penny Fee” and click on it. It will pull all the posts on the penny fee onto one page for you.



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One Response to “New Boat 13”

  1. Thomas Tracy Says:

    Eagerly awaiting to find out how you secured the rope to the cove, and secured the rope ends in a shipshape fashion. Have never been able to decide how . Series is extremely well done, and most instructive. Thank you for sharing.

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