A Sad Goodbye

This week has been one of sadness and reflection for last Sunday we bid farewell to Saxon; our most loyal and steadfast crewmember of the sloop, “ships wolf”, supervisor of the boat shop, and best of friends. She was almost fifteen years old, and as the picture below shows, taken three days before her death, she was still in pretty good shape.

Saxon, still on the job three days before she died.

With very little warning, age suddenly caught up with her and over a forty-eight hour period, her strength failed, her system failed, and she was gone. She passed away quietly in our living room, surrounded by the people who loved her, and without suffering.

She was a part of our family, and we were her pack. She did everything with us, and thus everything we do reminds us of her. She was a part of family gatherings, our holidays, and was involved with every project we took on.

During the twelve years that she was with us, she oversaw the building of three sea kayaks, a 24 foot open pulling boat, a 16 foot sailing tender, the building of the boat shed, and the complete renovation of a 35’ Friendship Sloop. She had sailed the entire length of the coast of Maine from Kittery, into Canadian waters and back three times (the first time she needed more papers to cross the border than the boat did) and has been on cruises too numerous to count all along the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, and on Lake Champlain in Vermont. From 2003 on she was a regular at the annual Friendship Sloop Homecoming in Rockland. In 2005 she was the Boatyard Dog for the May issue of Maine Boats Homes and Harbors magazine. She was one of the main characters of the children’s book Merlin and the Black Star, and the SOLO Field Guide to Wilderness First Aid Afloat is dedicated to her.

Always on watch.

She was such a big part of our lives and we are so grateful that her end was swift, and we are also grateful to have shared such a large life lived by such a small creature. We miss her a hundred times a day.

Saxon 1997-2011

Goodbye old friend.


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One Response to “A Sad Goodbye”

  1. barry legh Says:

    a beautiful example of how much love can be spread into the world without a word being said.

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