New Boat part 5

Despite how busy the late summer and fall were, we did get in several days to work on the new boat, the Penny Fee that we are building as a sailing launch to serve as tender for the Friendship Sloop.

All of the planks have been scarfed and glued, and are waiting to get twisted and bent into shape.

Next we set up the molds and set the keelson in place and started the shaping of the keelson as well as the transom. The keelson needs to be shaped so that the bottom surface presents a smooth curve that matches the twist of the plank. This is a little time consuming and it is important to get it correct. This step is the equivalent of cutting the rabbet in the keel of a boat that is built in a traditional manner. In either case it is a fussy step that is dictated more by the twist of the garboard plank than anything else.

molds, keelson, and stem

shaping the keelson

father and daughter shaping the keelson

So far there have been few surprises with the kit part of the boat. We did find an anomaly with plank number five where the clever holes and string method did not quite work out, but by that point we had enough experience laying out and aligning the parts of the planks to figure out how it was supposed to go together, and we did have to do some puzzling with mold #1 where it comes in contact with the keelson, otherwise, no problems.

The next step is setting the first garboard. Soon….

If you would like to read all the posts related to this project together, go to the category at the right called “Penny Fee” and click on it. It will pull all the posts on the penny fee onto one page for you.


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One Response to “New Boat part 5”

  1. Tony Says:

    Superb blog on the building of your new boat. As someone about to embark on building a Penny Fee, your site provides a wonderful insight into what I’m letting myself in for: informative, entertaining and humorous!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more blogs as they’re written and eagerly anticipate the launch and inaugural sail!

    Best wishes

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