Safety Nets

Before any one from the Tea Party starts to foam at the mouth, I should explain that I mean literal safety nets; as in made out of rope.

I have always thought rope nets to be an excellent example of using a simple knot and line to make something truly wonderful and functional. My most recent expression of this was added this autumn to the boatshed. The ship’s wolf is now fourteen, and she does not see very well.

Ship's wolf

She has already had one bad fall in the boatshed and several near misses. So when we moved the friendship sloop back into her winter port, a building known affectionately as “Shivering Timbers”, I decided that we needed a safety net to prevent an accident with the ship’s wolf, or possibly even one of the human crew when stepping on and off the boat onto the staging.

Safety net

Cheap, but strong utility line, and a lot of reef knots equal a nice solution to prevent broken bones.


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One Response to “Safety Nets”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Do you even sleep??!!

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