50th Gathering of Friendships

Last Thursday Friday and Saturday was the 50th gathering of the Friendship Sloop Society. The woman who will voluntarily get up in the middle of a stormy night and stand an anchor watch, Saxon, the ship’s wolf and I managed to get our boat first to Pulpit Harbor on North Haven Island for an informal rendezvous Tuesday night, and then to the docks in Rockland on Wednesday, fantastic to see so many members and so many boats, some I had never seen before.

Echo and company

Black Star, Gaivota, Hegira, and Banshee.



On any given day there were between 28 and 30 boats tied up at the Rockland docks. We saw so many old friends and made many new friends as well, it was worth getting together for that alone. There was racing on all three days, despite winds that were uneven and gusty. We participated in the first race, and even though we were trying to take up the rear where it was safer, we found the experience a bit overwhelming. So on the second day we went with three other boats on a short day cruise that was fantastic. Beautiful weather, great sailing, a beach to swim off of, and the comradeship of fellow friendship sloop sailors, the day was a delight. The third day we did go out for the parade of sail, but were frankly so worn out that we returned to the dock and got the boat squared away and socialized with other members of the Friendship Sloop Society and many of the interested visitors to the town docks in Rockland.

Gaivota and Gail O


Parade of sail

The awards dinner was terrific fun on Saturday night, and the fog lifted on Sunday long enough to see us on our way. So many beautiful boats, such welcoming people in such a relaxed atmosphere, we are already talking about next year.


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