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Back in 2006 this blog was written up with a bunch of others in WoodenBoat magazine. Even though this blog is not solely about boats, I was very flattered to have “dovetails” included. Since then a number of the blogs mentioned in that article have…is dried up the word? Do blogs fade away, or do they go to some cloud equivalent of the elephant’s graveyard to die? Well anyway, in the interim a number of other boating blogs have popped up to take up the slack as it were.  I thought I would mention some of those that I am still reading and that were mentioned in the 2006 article, as well as some of the new ones that I am reading to take the place of those that, shall we say, have taken the deep six.

Still Reading:

In the boat shed, Gavin Atkins well illustrated blog from the other side of the Atlantic. Gavin still finds a seemingly endless list of goings on and historically interesting tidbits.

I still occasionally check in with Tim Shaw on Chine Blog to see what he is writing about. And I occasionally check out Craft a Craft.

To be honest those ore the only ones that I still check in with from the original article.

Since then:

I check in with 70.8, a blog with a similar flavor to In the Boatshed, lots of newsy bits that I might otherwise miss. Some beautiful pictures of small craft, and interesting information on the builders of those boats.

I have also been enjoying reading Unlikely Boatbuilder. Part building blog, part cruising blog, I have enjoyed reading about his attempts at getting a lovely blue moon yawl from point to point. I watched a blue moon being built at the Appreticshop in Rockland, ME, over a two-year period and she was a beauty, so I may be biased. I also have to admit that there is something satisfying about reading accounts of someone else’s cruises where everything does not go according to plan. I also just like the way he writes.

Russ Manheimer writes at Hove To Off Swan Point ostensibly about his boat SJOGIN a small sailboat from a Scandinavian working tradition. In point of fact, his blog is a delight for anyone interested in classic small boats. Hove To Off Swan Point is also a stellar example of the enjoyment of simple pleasures on a small boat, something that too many people miss out on. Lots of great photography, and an attitude that I greatly approve of, as the tag line on his blog says, “Sailing as slow as I can….”

I recently stumbled upon Michael Scott Stories. In some ways his blog is similar to Unlikely Boatbuilder, lots of good reading here. Part of what I like about Michael Scott Stories is that there is a lot of substance to what he writes, but it is neither particularly ideological nor preachy, something I find to be both rare and refreshing.

Casco Bay Boaters blog is uneven in posting and in the type of content, but is a source of waterfront gossip, and I check in every now and then to see what I might have missed elsewhere.

To be honest that is about it. I do surf the web from time to time looking for good blogs, but for my tastes and interests, the vast majority are either way too personal, inactive, or frankly banal. I have found a number of blogs that I enjoyed looking at once, or that I was able to glean one piece of information from, but there are not many that make me want to come back. I know that there are many more good blogs out there, but those that I have listed above are the ones that have me returning for more.


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2 Responses to “Boat Blogs”

  1. Timothy T. Shaw Says:

    Thanks for continuing to check in! We’ve been a little thin, lately, but hopefully we’ll get back in gear. Best wishes,

  2. devilandthedeep Says:

    Great post. You have put me onto some amazing sites. Thank you

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