Friendships Under Sail

There is something joyous in seeing another friendship sloop under sail. Because the rig and size can vary so much from vessel to vessel, it is often easy to recognize a specific boat from quite a distance. The last three or four weekends we have been out we have seen other friendships, below are some random photos of boats underway…

Anna R

"Anna R"

anshee and Eden in the background

"Banshee" and either "Echo" or "Eden" in the background



Black Star under main and staysail

"Black Star" under main and staysail, photo by Sara Beck

Black Star under full sail

"Black Star" under full sail

Flying Jib under main and staysail

"Flying Jib" under main and staysail

Flying Jib

"Flying Jib"

Another shot of Flying Jib

Another shot of "Flying Jib"



Mary Anne with Phoenix in the background

"Mary Anne" with "Phoenix" in the background




One Response to “Friendships Under Sail”

  1. Mike Says:

    Beautiful boats, super photos.

    Now I know what I want for Christmas.


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