A hurricane and other minor distractions

The month of September was a very real trial. Between trying to get the roof of the Celtic wheelhouse finished, which consumed most of the best sailing weather, sweating over whether hurricane Kyle was going to pay us a visit on the coast, I am just glad that October is here. There is still a lot to do, the boat will be hauled some time in the next week and still needs to be de-commissioned and winterized, but the tension of the last week has abated. Moreover, the explosion of color that signals the arrival of Autumn has begun and it brings with it an almost instinctual need to prepare for the coming winter.

Finished Roof Celtic Wheelhouse
Finished Roof Celtic Wheelhouse
Boat Shed with Autumn colors

Boat Shed with Autumn colors

              Like the animals that are storing food, I find that the shorter days, colder nights and the chaos of color around me have triggered some primordial desire to stack wood, hang storm windows, and get the coal into the basement. I am even looking forward to washing sails before putting them away for winter. In the meantime, back to the firewood pile…


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