More Cedar Roof



There have been numerous distractions here and on the sea as well. A fantastic week cruising on the Friendship Sloop in August was followed by tropical storm Hannah, which had the unfortunate consequence of canceling the Traditional Classic Boat show and postponing the Short Ships regatta at Atlantic Challenge. The storm also interrupted the progress on the new cedar roof for the Celtic Wheelhouse.
                Where we are now: I have stripped the old cedar, which took several days, and have begun re-shingling. The smell of the cedar is wonderful and the work itself, though physically demanding, has a certain calm, rhythmic quality about it. The most demanding part of the work is the planning. Each shingle needs to be tapered specific to the spot where it is placed. The most frustrating part of this job is the damp. We have had so much rain here this summer that getting the shingles to dry enough to put up has taken far longer than the actual shingling. So, much to my chagrin, this job is taking much longer than it did the first time I shingled the roof, nineteen years ago.

drying shingles

drying shingles

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