Rain Rain Go Away

I was depending on some outdoor projects to provide me with fodder for this web log, however, we are in out tenth week of damp weather. Not rain every single day, but close.
             The wet weather has delayed the re-shingling of the Celtic wheelhouse and has spread a damp cloud (physically and metaphorically) over much of the cruising season on the friendship sloop. Still, hope springs eternal, and I remember the exchange I overheard some twenty years ago between a tourist and Buster Aldridge who ran the “ferry” between Stonington and Isle au Haut.
             Buster was never that keen on conversation and liked his personal space. The tourist in question jumped aboard the ferry, marched right up to Buster and in a familiar manner asked Buster, “So, do you think it will clear up?” Buster looked the tourist right in the eye and replied, “It always does.”
             Let’s hope Buster was right.


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