Good Reading

I have enjoyed reading WoodenBoat Magazine for years. I wanted to mention the current issue (#203) for two reasons; one is that there is a review of a new re-print of Princess, A Man’s Affair With A Boat by Joe Richards. If you have been looking at this site for Friendship Sloop news or information, you might recognize the name Joe Richards, who passed away in 1992. Comments have been posted on this site regarding Joe slipping his final mooring and the question of whatever happened to Princess, as well as the book he wrote about his experiences with his boat. (see comments on the boat page)
           The second reason I wanted to direct attention to this review is that the review itself is an outstanding example of classic WoodenBoat writing at its best. The review is by WoodenBoat former managing editor, and founder, Jon Wilson. Clear, articulate, the review is able to draw attention to elements of this new re-print, put out by Joe’s Daughter, which might not be perfect, while recommending the book.
            As a loyal reader of WoodenBoat, I am biased, particularly as the magazine plugged this blog in an issue last year, but if you ever wondered how this Maine based magazine went from a funky, hand built publication, produced out of a cabin without a phone, to an international publication with 140,000 subscribers; read the review. It is all in the writing.

Princess, A Man’s Affair With A Boat does not appear to be available through Amazon, but you can get it directly through the publisher by clicking here.



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