Six Weeks Summarized

I took the last six weeks off from writing for this site, mostly because I had so many other things going on. Now that I have a moment let me just note some of what I have been doing.
        First, I did get quite a lot of maintenance accomplished on our friendship sloop. The bottom has been cleaned, sanded, spot primed, and painted. The rigging has all been overhauled, and the diesel re-commissioned. In addition, I have all the supplies here to finish the yearly paint and varnish tasks on the boat, and will be moving the spars into a better position to overhaul them this week. We launch late in June.
        Second, I got in a trip to Canada to visit with some of my friends on Deer Island, New Brunswick. A beautiful weekend, but too much driving.

Noth West Harbour NB

        Third, I got over to Vermont to help with the installation of windows and the building of doors for the barn/shed project that I have written about before on this site. Despite some damp weather, it was a terrific weekend. 

Barn update

        Fourth, A book project that I have been working on, is finally out in print. The book is by my father, a Boys Should Be Boysretired Headmaster, and is on the unique ways that boys learn and relate to the world around them. Part of that project involved helping my Dad to set up his own blog. You can check it out here. You can check out his book by going to his blog, or you can check it out here.
        Fifth, I was the author for a navigation article specifically written with rescue personnel in mind. The Article was for the Wilderness Medicine Newsletter, for which I am the regular illustrator. Since writing is not my strong suit, this took up a lot of time.
        Sixth, I was able to stay ahead of my deadlines for freelance illustration work, which I enjoy, but I don’t like to fall behind on artwork.
        So there you have a quick summary of where the last six weeks went for me. My hope is that the rest of June will not be quite so busy…






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