A Reader’s Chess Table

A reader of this site wrote in about a week ago with a comment that I am reproducing here:
“From Keith and Kirby:
My Daughter and I were inspired by your floating branch chessboard and just finished making our own. If you would like to see photos, send us a response. We made a wooden box as a base and place the stems through both sides of box and then filled it with “Good Stuff” to create a stable base. Then we glued a few small plastic leaves around the top to make a sparse canopy. A good glue gun was essential.”
               I liked the pictures of what Keith and his daughter produced so much that I asked if I could post a few of those pictures here on “dovetails”. With his permission, here are some of those pictures.

Keith's Chess table 1
Keith'e Chess table 2
Keith's Chess Table 3

Very Cool!


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