PVC light saber

Regular visitors to this site are familiar with wooden toys that I have written about (see the “Toy Page”, on the right or click on the “wooden toys” category) but I had an interesting recent experience with a toy made of plastic.
           My older nephews are fascinated with Star Wars; actually obsessed might be a more accurate term. My twelve-year-old nephew calls regularly with leading questions about how he might make a real light saber. My grasp of physics and quantum mechanics gives out long before he runs out of questions. After numerous phone calls and some experimentation, he decided he might settle for something that just looks more like the “real thing” than the toy light sabers you can buy. What we came up with was this:
           We took a section of 1 ¼” PVC pipe for plumbing waste lines and cut it to make a handle, we got a length of  ½” inside diameter PVC water pipe and cut it to length for a….I’m not sure…do you call it a blade? Well for lack of a better term, I will call it a blade; we then got a PVC adapter that allowed us to connect the “blade” to the handle. Then my nephew got some self-adhesive reflective tape (he asked for it for Christmas) and covered the blade with it. In a dark room with light directed at it the effect is really rather neat, and in a photograph with a flash the effect is even better.

light saber

           We did spend almost $7.00 at the hardware store, but quite a lot of the PVC I had left over from other projects. Overall, it was a satisfying experiment. My nephew is going to see how the light sabers look if two opponents have them in the dark and they are wearing headlamps. I will keep you posted.

light saber


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