Shop Cats

Almost every shop that I have ever worked in has had a resident cat. The shop that I have used for the last eighteen years is no exception. In that time, there has been a succession of shop cats, kept ostensibly for rodent control, but who, ultimately contribute much more to the community. In fact, some of these felines were not particularly adept at catching rodents. However, those who may not have been particularly able hunters have, almost without exception, been possessed of huge personalities.
              Three of the most interesting cats that have dominated the shop over the years were Tigger, Furgus and Punch. While these three cats were very different from one another and did not, in fact, manage the shop at the same times, they all loved boatbuilding. Thus it turns out all of my pictures of these three involve building baidarkas, an skin-on-frame kayak native to Alaska. Tigger liked being involved in any project that we had going on. He was always around but rarely underfoot.

Tigger under a baidarka skinTigger with boat frame

 Punch and Furgus on the other hand needed to be in the middle of everything and were always underfoot. When he was a kitten we had to go to great lengths to make Punch feel involved while keeping him out of the way.


              Furgus just ended up in the middle of everything.

Furgus demonstrates frame lashing


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One Response to “Shop Cats”

  1. jlchrls Says:

    What great memories you brought back to me. I’ve had my fair share of those wonderful beasts. They have an element that is almost human. I had a shop cat some 20 years ago in NYC and her progeny ran havoc over the place.

    I’m interested in your boatbuilding so I’ll be snooping around, with a bit of catnip in my pocket

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