Boatstands and Video clips

In this early stage of winter, and until the ground is well and truly frozen, I like to check on the boat almost every day. As part of my morning routine, I duck into the boatshed, check the boatstands, and adjust them. This part of my daily evolutions continues until the ground stops heaving with frost. As I was under the boat this morning, I suddenly remembered a video clip a friend of mine made last summer of us sailing across Muscongus Bay. I keep meaning to post it on this site, but have never gotten around to it.
            For any of you interested in vicarious sailing I post it here, and will post it on the “boat page”.

            We had sailed from the anchorage in Lewis Cove, East past Pemaquid point, around Eastern Egg Rock and up towards Harbor Island. A solid North Westerly breeze allowed us to average six knots under jib and mainsail with a single reef.  A terrific sail on an early summer day.


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