Boat Stuff

One of the jobs of winterizing our Friendship Sloop involves taking all her stuff out of her, cleaning it, and putting it away for winter. This is important for every boat, but for a wooden boat, it is particularly important to set the boat up properly so that air can circulate, without drying out the hull to the point where you excessive leaking in the spring.
           An aspect of this job that is critical is simply having a place to store everything that would normally be in the boat. This is again, where our boatshed “pays off in spades”.  Standing and running rigging is hung on designated pegs, which not only keeps it all high, dry, and free from winter damage, but also makes it easy in the winter months to check it all over and do any need maintenance before next season. Interior cushions, sails, bedding, and foul weather gear are washed and stowed in the sail-loft, an animal proof, and bug proof loft in the rafters of the boatshed. The animal and bug proofing part of this is critical. The amount of damage that even one rodent can do is amazing, and could be very expensive. Along with the sail-loft, we also have large, sealable, plastic tubs for storing galley items and other interior items that could possibly be damaged if they were left onboard for the winter.

Sail Loft

Stored rigging

           I should also point out that this part of the winterizing process is not a lot of fun, and for me is the final nail in the coffin for another season. However, I discovered a long time ago that if everything has a place, and those places are easy to get to, clean, and dry, then I will be sure to do all the winter “put-away” and won’t try to skip any part of this very important part of winterizing.


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