Kitchen Part Two

As you can see from the previous post, this whole project has taken on a life of its own. As of last weekend, I was able to move most, but not all of the appliances back into the kitchen, and had water run to the sink, but had not connected the faucet yet because I needed to make the counter top first. Most of the painting has been done and the floor has been sanded and refinished. The wiring is complete, well, almost complete, we wired up the wrong outlet for the range, so I need to get the electrician back. Otherwise, I am spending lots of late evenings putting back trim, rebuilding the pantry, and am getting ready to make up new cabinets.
               Here we see the kitchen at about day fifteen:

Day fifteen

               And day twenty one:

Day twentyone

               At least now I have running water.
               One of the more challenging aspects of this project, or of any project that involves a room in your home, is the question of what to do with all the stuff that is normally in that room while you work on it. My solution has to do with the generosity of my neighbors who have a variety of military surplus tents. I borrowed one that was designed to house a hum-vee. I set it up behind my kitchen and moved the contents of the kitchen into it. It has worked really well, although I have to admit, I now appreciate no having to go outdoors to get to the refrigerator.


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