A Year on the Web

When I started this web log, I had set two benchmarks for myself. One was that I would spend only three hours a week writing and posting-I just do not have a lot of free time. If, in that three hours a week, I came up with something I could use, great, if not, then I would add nothing to the site that week. The other was that I had decided that if, in a year’s time, the site had less than 10,000 hits, I would close the site because I would not be reaching a large enough audience to justify the effort.
          It is a year since I put up my first post on “Dovetails” since then I have put up 78 posts on topics ranging from adventures on our friendship sloop to wooden toys and a number of post that just explore the creative process. I have been able to keep to my goal of not spending more than three hours a week on “Dovetails” and in the last year have had more than 15000 hits as well as some regular subscribers.
          So it looks like I will keep this site open and active, in fact I have a bunch of post lined up that are of a more architectural nature, so if you are checking this site out for the first time or are a regular subscriber, stay tuned…



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