The Change of Seasons

I am having a hard time believing that another sailing season has ended, However, it must be autumn because the big truck appeared last week and returned the boat to her winter quarters, the boat shed we call “Shivering Timbers”.

Sivering Timbers

            The temperatures here in New England last week were in the high eighties and I could not bring myself to start the winterizing chores on the boat. It was just so hard to grasp that it is already October. The last few days were more of a reality check though; the ship’s wolf and I had headed up to New Brunswick to check in with our friends at Seascape Kayak Tours on Deer Island, in the Bay of Fundy, and as our visit progressed, the weather cooled off and by the time we left, it felt like fall.
            What finally did it for me was the drive home yesterday. I had taken a few minutes to stop in and see if Harry Bryan was around his shop. I had not seen him in a while and heard that he had a new project that I “had to check out”.
            When I drove up to his shop, it was drizzling slightly and there was Harry, in the outer boat shed, crouched over an absolutely beautiful sail boat that he has been building. As we chatted and caught up over the next few minutes amongst the piles of firewood and the smell of white cedar and oak, I looked out the windows at the brightly turning leaves against the gray skies and it hit me; it really is October. I would have loved to stay longer but suddenly I felt as if I had better get back, dig out the antifreeze, and begin washing sails…it’s October!


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