Boat owner’s manual completed

Owners Manual

I wrote a post earlier in the year about how much work I had put into an owner’s manual for own friendship sloop (see owner’s manual post). Well I have neglected to mention that I got the thing done last spring.
             While it ended up being a labor of love, it did allow me to learn an updated version of publishing software for work, and the project had come to a point where so much of the real work was done that I just went ahead and finished it.
             The resulting manual is seventy pages long divided in chapters or sections that include; Safety, Systems, Stowage, Operations, Rigging, Sail Evolutions, and an Appendix. I used a three ring binder format so that as we make changes we can reprint and replace just the affected pages.
             Just for giggles, here are four more sample pages.

Page 24

Page 25

Page 44

Page 45



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