Work or Play?

For the last few weeks, I have been dashing around doing all kinds of stuff, thus the lull in posts. A boat show, then a short cruise, followed by a delivery trip, and now I am preparing to take the boat out of the water.
           In amongst all this slap dashing around the coast I managed to fit in a weekend project that was a bit unusual; I made a model of Peter’s tree house.
           There is a big country fair in central Maine called the Common Ground Fair, Peter was going to be in his own booth selling copies of his award winning book Treehouse Chronicles, which I illustrated. I wanted to create something that would draw people into the booth and get them looking at the book, and I thought that a scale model of the tree house might grab the attention of at least the children at the fair.

Tree House Model          Tree house

Tree house model up close  Tree house up close
           The model was a lot of fun to make and took roughly two and a half days, then I ran into a little problem; how to move it.
           It took another day to build a crate for the model. In some ways, the crate was the more challenging of the two projects because it needed to be strong, light, I had to figure out a way to secure and protect the model within the crate. Further, I needed to scrounge quite a bit of used plywood to make it. 
           As I worked on these projects, I was struck by how much fun it was building the model and how much building the moving crate felt like a chore. I am not sure why this should be except that making the model was a lot like toy making, and making the moving crate was not. Or, perhaps, it is just about response. The model enchanted children and adults alike, but only my boss commented on the crate.


2 Responses to “Work or Play?”

  1. markwilk Says:

    Outstanding project! I’m a frustrated woodworker, frustrated because I can’t do enough wood working. I am getting ready to do a scaled down version of our home as a dog house. Your model give me inspiration!

  2. Nancy Politis Says:

    Amazing house. My boys are jealous!!

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