I have been looking for an opportunity to try biodiesel, or more accurately a biodiesel mix in the Westerbeke Diesel in our friendship sloop. I have been reading about the pros and cons of this for a long time and had become convinced that it is would be better for the life of our diesel as well as for the environment. In particular I was looking for a 20% biodiesel mix, because, based on what I have read that would not change our winterizing procedures. The only reason that I have not tried it so far is that I have not been able to find a retailer of biodiesel that was not completely out of the way. This season I finally found a retailer of B20 that is right along the drive to our moorings.
Last weekend we put five gallons of 20% Biodiesel in a tank that already had fifteen gallons of regular marine diesel.  I was not expecting a noticeable change because the actual percentage of biodiesel in the tank ended up being about 5%. However, much to my surprise, I noticed that the motor began to run smoother and with less diesel soot. I have to admit being very impressed. I was also impressed while buying the B20 that even though it is four fifths regular diesel, the smell of vegetable oil was noticeable.
The retail price was about $5.00 a gallon, and so far, I am sold. As we finish up our sailing season I intend to replace the remaining regular diesel with the B20 mix.


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