Rafting Up

The later half of this week, in Rockland Maine, and event will be staged at the Rockland town docks that will be of interest to anyone who loves classic sailboats and events where sailors gather. It is the annual Friendship Sloop Gathering. Staring on Wednesday afternoon sloops will begin arriving from all over the coastal North East to participate in four days of fun.
          There will be races held off the Rockland Breakwater Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoon. A Parade of Sail Saturday morning, and between the sailing and rowing events the sloops will be rafted up at the town landing allowing Friendship Sloop Society members to socialize.
          Some of the boat owners will be focused on the racing but an important part of the event is to allow the public access to these beautiful boats that come in such a variety of sizes and shapes. As many as twenty five boats can be rafted up at the public docks for this event and the public are encouraged to come down, chat with boat owners, their families and crews, ask questions, and see these beautiful vessels up close.
          I can’t be there the whole time this year due to commitments at work, but Saxon and I will be there part of the time and definitely on Saturday, and our boat will be there the whole time. So, if you are going to be anywhere near Rockland this week, and your looking for something to do that is both fun and free, come watch a race from the breakwater or come down to the docks and say hello.

FSS Gathering


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