Rigging: Day Two

The actual launching of the boat is always fun, and I have written about launchings elsewhere on this site (see Launchings). This year the boat went into the water so early in the morning that, even leaving home for the yard by 5:30 am, I missed the actual sliding off the ways, so I don’t have pictures. Even so, there was something about arriving at the yard and seeing the boat in the water, tied up at the dock, which definitely lifted my spirits.

In the water ready to finish rigging

             With boat in the water, the rest of the actual rigging is easy; sheets, downhauls, and outhauls can all be run, and the sails bent on. The only real concern is that it is hard to bend on the main sail if it is windy. There are two more jobs that have to be done: connecting up all the navigation lights and running systems checks. These two tasks usually produce a glitch somewhere. This year it was not too problematic (a failed emergency pump back-up switch and a pinched wire to the stern light), there have been years, however, where hours can be spent tracing a bad connection to one navigation light.
             The boat is now officially rigged and it is time for the shake down cruise, wherein I find that I have run topsail halyards on the wrong side of a topping lift, or some such thing. Such are the joys of the first sail of the season on a big gaff rig.

Sails bent on ready to cast off


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