Moving day

I have friends who have never seen the friendship sloop in the water, but who never miss the day the transport company comes to move the boat back to the sea. There is something fascinating about large machines moving large and heavy objects, and making it look easy in the process. For several days prior to moving day, I am busy getting the boat ready, securing hatches, ventilators, anything that might vibrate loose on the road, and securing the topmast and gaff to the cabin top and deck of the boat.
             It is always exciting when the boat transport company arrives with the hydraulic trailer. The trailer is built like a large tuning fork so that the two sides of the trailer can back under the boat while it sits on its keel.

Backing the trailer in

             The hull is balanced by two boat stands aft while the trailer gets in position under the boat.

The hull balanced on boat stands

The trailer is lowered by the hydraulics so that support timbers can be run through one side of the trailer, under the keel, and then through the other. Next the hydraulic arms take over balancing the hull. When the boat is completely supported and stabilized, the entire trailer is raised, lifting the boat in the process, and there you have it; ready to drive away.

Ready to drive away

             72 miles later the process is reversed at the boat yard and the process of rigging and getting the boat ready to launch begins. I never fail to be amazed at how fast and seemingly smooth the whole process appears to be.

Unloading the boat at the boat yard


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