Another Boat Site

I just found another boat blog that has kindly linked to this site. Jack-a-roe has some great pictures, and posts of a Cheoy Lee Frisco-Flyer that is undergoing some serious restoration. It looks like the writer has some similar interests to those on this site as well, projects with kids, dogs, that sort of thing. If you are interested in Cheoy Lee boats or boat restoration in general-check it out.


2 Responses to “Another Boat Site”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hi there, thank you for the mention. Strangely enough, I was sitting around with two friends last night, both of whom are outdoor educators, and we were talking about the carved dragons that were on the older Cheoy Lees. Then we start thinking about the carved doors at SOLO (All three of us participated in various ways in the program) and discussed the similarities. The next topic of conversation was me finding your site. How strange to discover today that you were the one that carved the doors at SOLO. Anyways, beautiful doors and great website.

    Interested in carving a dragon for Jack-a-roe?


  2. dovetails Says:

    Hi Matt,
    It is such a small world, and it seems like everyone has some sort of tie to SOLO, at least every one who has worked in out door education. I suppose that’s what happens when you do the same thing well for thirty years…
    Between, the boat, several new books, and illustration deadlines, I won’t be taking on any new carving projects for a bit, but let me put some feelers out to some of my contacts in the wooden boat community, particularly this summer when I am on the water; someone I know might know where to look for a Cheoy Lee dragon.
    Thanks for the comment, the link, and checking out the site.

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