The Almost Perfect Day…

There always seems to be at least one day on the water each season that is so memorable, so nearly perfect, that it keeps you going all through the winter months and sets you dreaming about “next year”.
         For the last two seasons, that magical day has involved a perfect July day with a topsail breeze. Last summer it was a day when I had as crew, a friend who I have known since we were in sixth grade, but whom I had not seen in ten years. It was great to catch up with someone with whom I had friends in common, and shared memories of childhood. We had just made a majestic (that means very slow) passage through the Fox Island Thoroughfare and were making for Isle Au Haut when the wind began to build giving us a spectacular ride. As we approached Kimball Island, we decided to fall off the wind and run in behind Merchant Island where we could strike the topsails and look for a good place to anchor for the evening.
         As we pulled into the lee of Merchant, we found ourselves headed for the cove at McGlathery Island, so we continued in and settled in for a late afternoon walk on the beach. The ship’s wolf was very appreciative of this move and as we enjoyed the beach, several schooners made their respective ways past our anchorage.
         It was a great day, a near perfect day…

The near perfect day


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