Celtic Wheelhouse Construction Drawings

Several readers have asked for more information of the construction of the Celtic Wheelhouse. The construction drawing that I have from this project are too big to scan in one go, but I have scanned some of them in sections and am including them in this post. Even though some of the drawings have the scale indicated on them, I would not try to measure off the drawings but would recommend that you only use them to get a sense of proportion and scale. The basic dimensions are; outside diameter of the building is thirty feet across, interior dimension is twenty-eight feet across. Height of the stonewall from floor to the top plate where the roof connects is six feet. Foundation is two feet thick and goes down to bedrock, a depth that varies from two feet to four feet below the floor.

Section drawing of the Wheelhouse

Facade Wheelhouse

             Some of the drawings show stairs and a loft, which I opted not to build. The roof consists of a ceiling made of tapered boards, a layer of diagonal compression bands (see photo below) and an outer roof. The three layers, inner ceiling, compression bands, and outer roof, combine to make a tensile roof. The roof was then shingled in cedar.

Compression bands on inner roof

Cedar shingles

Construction details for roof

                 I will be posting some more related construction material as I get a chance, and late in the summer I will be re-shingling the roof because, gasp, it has been just about twenty years since I built this. When that happens there will be further posts, I am sure.

Floor Plan of Wheelhouse


One Response to “Celtic Wheelhouse Construction Drawings”

  1. drkcusick Says:

    It is so beautiful. I immediately respond to it. Is the wheel at the top stairs?
    Its a nest, a cave, an organic home, an extension of the self.

    Thank you.

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