Of Turk’s Heads and Dog Collars

Two of the most popular recent posts on this site have been the one titled “Junk” and the one about the “Ship’s Wolf”. As a follow up to both those posts, I thought I would share another creative idea that relates to those posts.

              When I first started taking Saxon to sea, a friend of mine pointed out that the information on her tags only related to my home phone and home address. His suggestion was to make her a separate sea-collar with more relevant, boat address related information on it. I had been fiddling with mandrels of different sizes and Turk’s Head knots at the time, so the more or less logical outcome was a Turk’s Head collar.

Turk's Head Dog Collar

               There is a curved brass plate stitched to the collar that has engraved on it her name, a statement that she is traveling with me, and my name, the name of the boat, and a cell number for the boat.

               The picture below shows my largest mandrel, on which the collar was tied, hanging on the wall of the boathouse.



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