Passamaquoddy Bay and Cruising

           As, over a decade, I got to know Passamaquoddy Bay through multiple kayak trips, I also made friends in the area, and this region of Atlantic Canada now feels like a second home. When we bought the Friendship Sloop, we started sailing to these waters, and spent four summers exploring areas that I had not been able to reach by Kayak.

Passamaquody Bay

           Whenever we could, we would invite new friends and locals out for a sail. It was not only a lot of fun, but we gained a lot of local knowledge as well. I wrote down most of what we learned in the ships log. Some of what I wrote down in those logs are observations too general to be of much use to someone else. I noted at one point, for example, that having a five-year old whose nickname is “Crash” on board is a bad idea. However, there is also a lot of good information regarding local navigation that others might benefit from. I am also prone to make little charts in our logbook, which, though not a substitute for actual charts, might prove interesting to other sailors.
           I have put up a new “Cruising Grounds” page with more information for sailors. Right now, it only has information about the Passamaquoddy Bay area. Over time, I will add notes and observations taken from my logbooks about other areas in Maine coastal waters, and “Down East” in particular. The “Cruising Grounds” page is not a cruising guide, just some notes of interest about a couple of anchorages and a few cautionary notes intended to be of interest for sailors headed into these waters, or to virtual cruisers.


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