Snow: A creative medium

I have always loved working in snow. However, as a child, I was never content with the formulaic Igloossnowman built with three snowballs. Igloos, elaborate snow forts, one that even had a spiral staircase leading up to a battlement, graced our yard. When I was leading winter climbing trips I spent many winter evenings in a snow shelter or igloo rather than endure the flapping and cold of camping in a tent. I used to make my own snow saws out of quarter inch aluminum; some were quite elaborate like the snow sawssamurai snow saw in the background of this photo.
           As just one example of what can be done with snow as a creative medium I offer the Triumphal Arch.


Triumphal Snow Arch

           Built in honor of the tenth anniversary of SOLO, we put it together over about five hours. It rained the following night, saturating the snow-structure, and then the temperature dropped. The resulting frozen arch could support the weight of some of the builders, as the photograph shows, and survived for the next several months.
           An extreme example of working with frozen elements as a creative medium is the ice hotel built each year in Sweden.
           I am not suggesting that the rest of us go to such lengths, but the next time you go out to build a snowman, try something a little more imaginative; like a stegosaurus.

SOLO has a new blog site. To check it out click here:SOLOADVENTURES


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