Celtic Wheelhouse #3

If you are interested in more about the wheelhouse and you have a television, and you have cable, then you might be interested in a segment of a show that will be airing on January 16th on HGTV. The series is called; “Look what I Did”, and the episode shown on that day is supposed to have a segment on the wheelhouse, which they call a “Celtic Cottage”. I gather the segment actually aired last weekend, but I did not know it was going to be on, so I missed it, and can’t tell if you if it is worth watching or not.
          I can tell you that when the film crew came to do the shoot (more than a year ago) we  had a lot of fun and they spent a day filming for, what I gather, is a five-minute segment. The whole experience was a little strange, and I agreed to it because they were coming to do a segment on Peter’s Tree House (see tree house posts) and they wanted to do another segment from the same general region. I can also tell you that I saw the segment on the tree house, and it was pretty good; a little campy, but good.
          If this is of interest, you can go to the HGTV web site to find out about local listings.

Update: HGTV has shifted the time and date this episode will be aired, It now shows that it will air on January 11, 2007 at 6:00 pm. (this post was updated January 4, 2007) 


One Response to “Celtic Wheelhouse #3”

  1. Michael Oakley Says:

    I am not one to watch HGTV…I did catch the segment about the wheelhouse today. What a pleasure.

    This made me want to move to Conway. I now live the the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas…

    Ted Walsh must have a beautiful spirit.


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