I think that some of the best creative solutions come out of challenge. I know that as an illustrator, some of my most inspired work comes from assignments that seem impossible.  As a technical illustrator for a medical journal, I find there are a number of assignments that present predictable challenges. Drawing a specific type of injury for example, can require a lot of research before it is even possible to start the illustration. Then, I might need to make several versions in order to produce one that meets the needs of a specific article. The assignments that really make me stop and think, however, are those that have to illustrate how something in the body works; for example, “draw me a knee” is easy, “draw me how a knee works” is a lot harder. Furthermore, if you are looking for a challenge: draw me Malaria.
        I appreciate the life drawing, and anatomy classes, that I took in college, and I appreciate the discipline I learned in architectural drawing classes. The best artistic workout I get though is to spread out paper on the floor and have a child tell me what to draw and to have the child draw with me. Talk about changing your perspective. I love that young children have not learned conventional ways to represent the world and are open to new ways to relate and convey how they see. A young child will also present you with new perspectives. Another aspect of drawing with children is the absolute truthful response you will get to your drawings. I have had some demanding art teachers but it takes a five year old to make a comment like, “No. That’s too serious. Do it again”.

You can check out my children’s book by clicking here.
You can check out the tree house book I illustrated by checking here.


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