First Snow

 It snowed last night. As I walked through the woods this morning, the wolf loping along by my side in the new white covering, I thought about how much I enjoy the run up to the winter holidays.
            I associate this time of year with the pleasure of making things for others. I think this started when I was very small. My parents encouraged me to make Christmas cards to give to all the other children in my classes at school. I still remember those first cards, drawn on the multi-layered stencil for a hand cranked mimeograph machine. My father cranking the handle of the machine, the “clack, clack, clack”, as the drum went round and round. The heady smell of the mimeograph fluid, the purple ink, and the slightly damp feel of the paper as it came out of the machine. The sense of having made something worth sharing duplicated with each rotation of the drum.
            I still make my own cards. Although forty years have passed and my options for printing cards are more flexible than the old mimeo-stencil; the process of coming up with an image to celebrate the season is the same.
            I love this time of year, and it snowed last night.

Winter Card


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