The Boat

 ted2.jpg            The Boat is a ten ton work in progress. She is a Friendship Sloop built on the Maine coast in the later half of the 20th century, a sister ship to a boat built in 1903. When we bought her she was only a dozen years old, but a lack of proper maintenance had led to a rapid decline. We bought her in 2000 (I say we because I co-own her with a family from Oregon).

             Over the next three years we sailed the boat in the summer and worked on it in the winter. By 2003 we had repaired all the damage due to lack of maintenance, put a new interior in the boat, and upgraded the systems.

             She has become a summer retreat for me and a source of winter projects, which in a way, is also a retreat for me. If you would like to read longer posts, see more pictures, or see more detail concerning the work we did on her go to “the boat” page.


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